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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Day in the Office

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

I spent most of the day checking in miniatures and trying to clean up some "campaign submissions". The problem with the campaign submissions is that the authors were neither complete (things like where the opposing sides set up or what their weapon status was) nor thorough (it is annoying to find ships listed as carrying more fighters than they have bay space for, or having a refit the ship never received, or appearing in a "historical campaign" six years BEFORE the first ship that class was built). It can also be a wonder to read how "Side A" won a given battle according to the author's historical outcome, but side A is so outmatched in that scenario that the only way it could have won is if the opponent just laid down and died. No special scenario or campaign scenario rules saying this happened, just a list of ships and a note that side A won, not even a special victory condition.

I tried to make that campaign work, tried to figure out what the author was trying to do, but there was just way too much missing information and too many confusing items.

No names because I am not interested in embarrassing anyone, and I am always looking for new ideas.