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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Progress and Travails

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

We managed a few more pages of progress on Captain's Log #38, but it became necessary to do an "all hands" round in the warehouse. Sales and the need to complete projects has drained manpower (in terms of the hours spent in the warehouse) badly these last few months, and many items, while in stock, are not packed on the shelves and ready to ship. We have literally been living "hand to mouth" in the warehouse, having to pack what was being shipped right then and not having anything in reserve for the next order. Today, we stopped working on other things (orders still shipped) and SVC and I manned the shrinkwrap machine to build up inventory (lots of things packed, but not shrinkwrapped). This clears the deck somewhat for more things to be packed to build the inventory back up.

But the shrinkwrap machine broke early in the process, meaning more delay as it has to cool down before the repair (replacing the cutter/sealer wire) could be done. A fun-filled job that would eventually drive even Job to vulgar language as it requires one (1) person with three (3) hands to to efficiently. There is not room for a second person to help. Still, as usual, the task somehow got down without anyone totally losing their tempers in the process (a minor miracle in and of itself).

Thus the days shrinkwrapping is accomplished and we can continue our march to the release of the next Captain's Log.