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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cover Art Scenarios

This is Steven Petrick Posting:

We did not do a cover scenario for Module Omega #5 (doing cover scenarios for product covers is, truthfully, a fairly recent idea). Several people have offered to do one, which is not a problem, but things break down if they do not take the time to really "look" at the cover, or perhaps do not know what they are seeing.

This is not taking fault with them, but only trying to point out that to do a scenario to match the cover is a lot more than just a cursory thing.

The Andromedan ship is clearly a Dominator hull, but it cannot be, as one player suggested, a "Demon" variant of the Dominator. The reason is that the ship is clearly armed with five phaser-2-FHs (lots of Dominator variants have that), but it is also obviously armed with at least four heavy Tractor-Repulsor Beams (you can see the Right Side Mount and the forward half mounts are clearly visible). That means it cannot be a Demon since that ship has only one FH mounted Tractor Repulsor beam.

Another item is that there are six Koligahr PFs. Since the standard for a Koligahr Fast Patrol Ship tender is to only carry five, that means the sixth one has to be accounted for in some way. (Another ship not visible on screen, perhaps a base on the moon/large asteroid in the background?) The Koligahr ship in the middle of the scene (behind the Dominator) is clearly a Koligahr PFT (special sensors are visible and it has the right number of "bubbles", no other current Koligahr ship has that many bubbles and two special sensors). So there is another Koligahr unit of some sort present.

The Measron forces are also obviously incomplete (not all of them are on screen). Four PFs are visible (the standard for a PF flotilla of that empire) as well as a PFT, but coming on scene from the lower right is a spread of three tachyon missiles. Where did they come from? They are too close and too tightly grouped to have been launched by the PFs that are visible. The PFT could not have launched them, so there is some other Measron unit also present. Further, there are very few Measron units that are able to launch a spread of three missiles in such a tight grouping.

Lastly, the Dominator is a "mothership", but no "satellite ships" are visible. They might be engaged "off screen" with the the other Koligahr and Measron units (see above), or perhaps destroyed.

The scene, after all, does not represent the "start" of the battle, it is some point during the battle, perhaps just before the Koligahr and Measrons delivered the decisive strike (there are nine PFs, three tachyon missiles, and two small PFTs in close proximity to a Dominator that has some damage, meaning its panel banks might be in pretty bad shape).

A scenario can be created, but there are quite a few things that need to be accounted for, including balance (no fun playing if one side will simply lose).