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Monday, April 07, 2008

Try Not to be the Slowest in the Group

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

I was brought into role-playing, more or less kicking and screaming, through the auspices of a game called "Empire of the Petal Throne". While the other players in the group expressed a desire that I should join as a "magic-user", I dug in my heels and pretty much said I would only play if I could be a fighter. Once that was set up, I went on my first ever "dungeon delve".

Being a fighter, I went for full plate armor, no one else in the group had anything better than chain mail armor.

So we were marching through the dungeon when this hidden passage opened, out stepped an opposing warrior, who in one blow killed outright a non-player character we had brought along for extra 'firepower'. The killed character was just as tough as my character.

My immediate response was to ready myself for battle.

That had the effect of leaving me standing there all by myself, as every other member of the group turned tail and ran like all the demons of Hades were behind them.

Left unsupported (the opposing warrior was being reinforced by other warriors), I came to the rational conclusion that the only thing to do was run.

Did I mention I was wearing plate armor?

Pretty quickly I was falling further behind my friends, and the bad guys (who were also wearing chain mail) were catching up.

As it happened, I made it through a door where the rest of my group had stopped, and they then slammed the door shut and dropped a beam across it at the last second before the opposition reached it.

On my next dungeon adventure, I wore Chain Mail.