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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Building project update

Steve Cole Reports:

Our project to build a new home for ADB Inc. has made progress. Yesterday, the surveyors completed the new survey of the land. It's funny, but every time a piece of land changes hands, a new survey has to be done, finding all of the corners and boundaries, just to make sure the previous surveyors didn't screw up, and to make sure that in the years since the last survey, somebody didn't build something on the land you are buying. In our case, the surveyors "found" a 40-foot cargo container on the land we are buying. (We knew it was there, just not exactly where it was in relation to the border). We should have the actual survey drawing by tomorrow. Also yesterday, the City of Amarillo green-lighted the project, allowing us to run Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., in a zone for "general retail" even though we're not a retail business. We are a strange company (according to the building codes) in that we're not really an office (we have too much storage), not really a warehouse (we don't have trucks coming and going all day), not really a manufacturer (what we manufacture is mostly laser printing and the assembly of parts made somewhere else), not really a print shop (we don't have noisy printing presses with chemical solvents), not really a photocopy shop (we don't have the public walk in and ask for copies). They finally decided that we were okay since whatever the heck we are, we were not doing anything to annoy the neighbors.