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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lies and Damned Lies

An Epublication that I highly respect issues a daily list of military history events.

Today, they listed "1985, Ronald Reagan honors German war dead at Bitburg".

Well, that is a LIE, he honored US war dead at a cemetery that included German war dead in a different section. At least it's better than last year, when they said he honored German SS war dead. That one was a DAMNED LIE and I called them on it and they seem to have reduced the entry in the 5 May list to a mere lie. What is it with people insisting on lying about Republican presidents?

Such as their entry from a few days ago where "George Bush declares mission accomplished". No such thing happened. Bush declared the end of major combat operations. He was (his staff must have been drunk) standing on an aircraft carrier under a sign that said "mission accomplished" which was a statement by the aircraft carrier to its own crew about THEIR mission. But the media hates GWB and must repeat this lie until everybody believes it. After those of us who know it's a lie all die, history books will just record the lie.

Makes you wonder about history books, doesn't it?